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Cunning, Sharp, Intelligent, Hard working, Clever, Caring, Kind, Humanitarian.  Works hard for and with people.  James is working hard toward nobility and to be the best man in the best relations both business and personal.

What’s James say:   I make more mistakes than many due to doing more than many.  You won’t catch me in the after work bars or watching daily television programming.  I remember when I was a young man and my mother told me to take a few minutes off working and have an iced tea.  I remember telling her that I can’t because there was too much work to be done. 

I’d like to grow up one day and be a superstar.  Not the big televised type but more the type that a good woman wants and needs. 

I can only hope that one day, our technology will be brought and delivered to the people for clean air restoration for our following generations.

Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and others have expanded our horizons as people.  I have a Facebook page.  I’m new to operating it and don’t fully understand yet, the navigation.  I use it mainly to find my old friends and make new friends globally.

I believe our governments are overloaded and that we as people ask far too much from them.  If we take a small step backward and team with our neighbor we may find that we need little more.  Resourcing foods, water, and basic life needs is a number one ingredient.  After doing what is required is when we should be awarded pleasure and that is always the individual to understand this platform. 2009 is the year of the Neighbor.

The statement was made of me about best relations and to me, this is not a pile of money or a status symbol but rather success in the individual spirit supported by a group following a similar directive.  When you close your eyes, will your friends do what they said.  And will I do what I said.  So I see myself in the evolving stage looking to be a great guy one day.

It’s my wish to have the sweetest love in my life and to have a wonderfully loving and caring family.  To me?  The ultimate James Culture is a guy that most all people understand, share feelings and memories together.

With the children of the world in mind,


jc at h2hypod.com

Name: James Culture

Birthday: April 10

College Major(s):

Automotive Engineering

BA Accounting

BA Business Administration

BA Statistical Process Control  

(Total Quality Management)

Favorite Color: Blue, Black, Gun Metal, Rust Orange,

Favorite Movie: What Women Want

Favorite Food: Organic

Favorite Quote:

“2009, Year of the Neighbor”

My favorite Music

  1. 1.Classical

  2. 2.Russian Romantic Stuff

  3. 3.Pop

My favorite links






About James